The Best Way To Pass A Mouth Swab Test

drug testIf you’re interested on procedures or methods to pass a drug test let’s start with the most obvious and simple solution. Simply don’t take drugs at least for three to four weeks before (depending on the kind of analysis). It has been stated that most drugs are present in the body for no more than three weeks to get detected through a non urine analysis. If you want to know for how long cannabis will remain in your body for a test to come positive the answer is 24 hours. In more severe cases as it happens with a chronic user the drug will be present perhaps 48 to 72 hours.

Depending of the kind of analysis there are dramatic differences as cannabis and weed show up in an urine analysis for 72 hours, while marijuana can cause a urine analysis to get positive for as long as 30 days. In this case you need to stop doing drugs before a urine analysis extends to 30 days. Now for the cleaning procedures that will help you pass any mouth swab drug test without stop doing drugs, these are among the most useful.

There is a product called Nutra Cleanse that is a full body cleanse of any toxic in the system. Is an anti-toxin solution that advertising claims to really eliminate toxins and not to only mask them. Its price is US $109.95 a box.

Another product called Super Clean claims it won’t be detected by testing labs while cleaning the system from toxins. The advertising claims that it works in 90 minutes and lasts for 5 hours. Supposedly it will help you pass any test from using it the night before. Its price is US $49.50 a box. This is also called the liquid-marijuana.

The Two Steps A’Head product claims to work in 30 minutes to eliminate narcotic contaminants from your body including color treated hair and cortex. Its cost is US $79.95.

Some facts that are going to help you along a personal cleansing procedure for you to quit from drugs and to be sure to pass any test include.

  • Follow a healthy diet. Avoid greasy and high-fat foods because they slow the detoxification process.
  • Avoid trying to consume alcohol and unnecessary medications.
  • It is recommended to drink six glasses of water per day, water catalyzes of the body’s natural detoxifying process.
  • Get a haircut because toxins get stored in the hair for a long time.
  • Use a dry brush to brush your hair


The most obvious procedure for passing drug tests is abstinence. If you don’t consume anything you don’t have to worry about anything. It could be very hard to do, but to follow a detoxification process to get clean is possible. Toxins do not stay permanently into your body.

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